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Jan/Feb 2002

Why More on Hierarchical Leader Letter?

by Norman Edwards

We received a number of letters, calls and e-mails about our Hierarchical Leader Letter articles of the past two issues. Some were asking us why we were wasting time on an issue where many people have already made up their minds. Most thanked us for continuing to try to bring understanding to what they consider to be a major problem among the Church of God groups.

In some ways, this issue can be likened to a family argument. Sometimes, one will say, “Why do you keep bringing up our problems, we should be doing positive things, rather than talking about our problems all the time.” And indeed, imagined problems will go away if everyone stops bringing them up. But real problems need to be discussed and solved, otherwise they will continually surface and cause trouble. It is a real problem when most CoG groups claim to be the “main” one that God is using, refusing to work with each other, yet have similar teachings. This problem often surfaces whenever a new believer attends or a member wants to go to a service or Feast with a friend who is in another group.

This issue is largely dedicated to this subject and will hopefully conclude it.

I learned from the writing, and I hope that you will learn from it, too.

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