Servants' News


Feast 2002 in Hastings, Michigan

How to Make Your Reservation

Please make reservations as soon as possible, even if you may have to change them later. Below is a summary of the rates for all 8 days.

Fill in those that apply:

___ adult breakfast × $25 = ______

___ child breakfast × $15 = ______

___ adult lunch × $30 = ______

___ child lunch × $20 = ______

___ adult dinner × $30 = ______

___ child dinner × $20 = ______

___ adult lodging × $80 = ______

___ child lodging × $64 = ______

___ use fee for each person

staying in a motel × $16 = ______

___ extra $10 (adult) or $8

(child) staying the 9th night_____


Total cost: _______

Please also enter your name, address, telephone, e-mail, fax (as appropriate):

Name: _____________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________


Tel: ________________________________       Fax: _______________________

E-mail: ____________________________________________________________

Payment method:

_____ Check         _____ Money-order         _____ PayPal

If you cannot stay for the entire Feast, or have other unusual circumstances, please adjust the above form accordingly. Please send a 10% deposit when you make your reservation. A check, money-order or the Paypal online service ( may be used. Facilities will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis—desirable accommodations may be given to others if no deposit is paid. Please send the entire balance by September 1 so we can buy the food and pay the campground managers.

Click this PayPal button to use this service to make your payment

More information will be printed in Servants’ News as it becomes available. If you need more information now, use the contact information below. If you are planning to stay at a motel, make your reservation directly with them, but also contact us.

If you would like to stay at Winding Creek camp, do not contact them directly, but contact Church Bible Teaching Ministry, PO Box 107, Perry, Michigan 48872-0107;; 517-625-7480.

Please print out this page and mail to the above address with your deposit. If paying via PayPal, then you only need to send this page with a note saying that you paid via PayPal with your payment details including your e-mail address you used for payment.