Conversion Comes in a Variety of Ways

There is a danger in trying to fit evangelism into a 3-point formula:

1) People listen to an organization’s radio or TV program for a year or two.

2) People write for the organization’s booklets and study them for a year or two.

3) People are baptized, begin attending with the organization, and financially support it for the rest of their lives so there can be more programs and booklets so the process can repeat.

While the above process does accurately describe the conversion of some people, there are many others who have a much different experience. They believe that the Eternal has worked in their lives long before they began to have a deep Biblical understanding. Certainly, some people have probably imagined that the Eternal was working with them when events were simply happening by chance.

But many people are completely convinced that the Eternal has worked miracles in their lives, long before they were baptized. While we at Servants’ News have not tried to keep detailed statistics on the subject, we have reached an interesting conclusion: People who believe their relationship with Christ existed before or apart from a church organization (and its official doctrinal booklets) are much more able to cope with major changes or the complete collapse of the congregation that they attend.

We encourage our readers to read the story at left. It may be unfamiliar to you—or it may be a story a lot like your own. But if we believe that Christ is really leading and guiding his Church (body of believers), and that He really cares for each individual believer, then we should not be surprised that He is doing much work—with many individuals, each according to their individual needs.

—Norman S. Edwards