Feast of Tabernacles ‘97 Information Form

Please fill in any of the blanks you wish and then send this to the appropriate site of your choice to receive site information.

Personal Information:



Home Phone #:

Work Phone #:

E-mail or Fax:

Festival Site Choice:

q Burr Oak Resort and Conference Center
Route 2, Box 159, Glouster, Ohio 45732
Tel: 614-767-2112 Fax: 614-769-4878
Location: Northeast of Glouster on St. Rt. 78.

Mail form to: Servants News

POBox 220, Charlotte, Michigan 48813-0220



q _____________________________

(Other festival site, please fill in name)



Total people attending: Adults: 11-18 yearolds: 10 & under:

(If you are not sure how many will attend with you, please give your best estimate now and let us know if it changes sigificatly.

Do not include people that have been included on someone else’s form. If you will not attend for the entire 8 days, please let us know.)


Interest/Commitment Level: qMight come, might not. qProbably will come. qDefinitely planning to!!



qFestival Planning qSet-up

qActivity Organizer qClean-up

qParking Assistance qUshering

qFamily Day Activities qSenior Activities

qSingles Activities qSong Leading

qAnointing/Counseling qFirst Aid

qChoir Director/Music Coordinator

qPianist (Preferred Hymnals):

qChoir (Part):

qInstrumentalist (instrument):

qSpecial Music (selection):


qVariety Show (Please describe act below.)

qMessage Presentation (Please give topic synopsis, # of minutes, type of presentation, etc.) :

Notes for Filling Out Form

The purpose for this form is so those that are planning for the Feast can better plan for you (not to give "approval" for feast attendance). It is not pleasant to attend an activity that is unequipped to handle the number of people attending it. Nor is it pleasant to plan an activity, only to have very few people attend.

Festival Site Choice:

This form is designed for the Servants’ News site, but other sites usually request similar information. Other sites probably prefer that you use their form, but would rather have this than none at all.

Interest/Commitment Level:

For the planning committees, please be sure to indicate the number of people who may attend with you.

Service and Activity Interest:

Some of these categories may not apply to other sites. Also, more people may volunteer to serve in a specific area than are needed. Call and ask if you have questions.

Feel free to copy this form or request more from Servants’ News if you know of other interested individuals. &