Volume 13, Number 2, July-August 2009

Port Austin Feast of Tabernacles 2009

The Port Austin 2009 Feast of Tabernacles site should be a relaxed, enjoyable, yet Biblically spiritual and interesting 8 days this year. The traditional Hebrew calendar is being used (October 3-10), but those observing other calendar systems are welcome.

Please call, write or e-mail as soon as possible if you intend to come: PABC@portaustin.net, 989-738-7700 or use the address below. On campus rooms are available on an offering basis. There are also motels two miles away in Port Austin.

Barbara Burns, CNHP

Connie Hawkins, author

Bible studies will be conducted by Rick Heath, Jim Graves, Mike Zaeske and possibly others. Two special speakers will be coming, also.

Barbara Burns will give three lectures throughout the Feast. She is a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP). In our legal system, only doctors make diagnoses and prescribe treatments. Nurses and people with other certifications carry out those orders. CNHPs are outside this system. They don’t diagnose or treat illness, but provide health information on how to promote natural health in general. Barbara has not been a Church of God member, but learned of the Sabbath and Holy Days from other groups.

Connie Hawkins of Giving and Receiving Joy Ministries, will be speaking Sunday, October 4 at 1:30 pm in the dining hall. She is a Michigan wife, mother, author and speaker who travels with her husband, giving inspirational talks based on the Bible. She has suffered from cerebral palsy and other illnesses, but has learned to keep joy in her own life and bring it to others.

May the Eternal bless your Feast where you go!                           —NSE

Utica, Illinois Site

Norman Edwards and his family will not be at Port Austin for the 2009 Feast of Tabernacles, but will be attending the Feast located at Grizzly Jack’s Grand Bear Resort in Utica, Illinois. The site is sponsored by the same independent group that organized the tremendously successful Lake Geneva, Wisc. site last year. Norman will be teaching for three sessions and hosting Feast Extravaganza 2009—the fun show.

At press time, 245 people had been registered to attend the site and meeting space was beginning to be an issue. The site is not “closed” yet, but anyone who is planning to attend who has not registered yet, should do so immediately. For full information, see www.feast2009.org, e-mail feast@feast2009.org or contact Aaron Baker at 517-281-2073.          &


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