Volume 13, Number 2, July-August 2009

BibleStudy.org averaging 10,000 daily visitors


14 Years of Independent Ministry

This recently found photo was taken at the 1995 Feast of Tabernacles. Norman Edwards, left, and Alan Ruth, right, were both committed to serve the Sabbath-keeping brethren in a non-denominational manner. Ruth encouraged Edwards to publish Servants’ News, including Ruth’s articles, and Edwards encouraged Ruth to start biblestudy.org. Since then, the two have worked together at other Feasts, conferences, etc. Both were mainframe computer professionals by trade. They have struggled for subsistence-level funding throughout most of their ministries, which is especially amazing in Ruth’s case, since his website reaches more people than most Sabbatarian evangelistic programs.             &

FARMINGTON HILLS, Michigan - BibleStudy.org's popularity now exceeds 10,000 visitors a day, reports Webmaster and site owner Alan Ruth.

"For the first six months of 2008, BibleStudy.org experienced only two days where its daily visitor count exceeded 10,000. For the first six months of 2009, however, the site has averaged more than 10,000 daily visitors. Additionally, the site's Question and Answer service which is manned by seven mature Christians handled 785 e-mailed questions from the general public."

"This performance has been especially encouraging and exciting since, historically, the second half of a given year is the site's busiest period." states Alan.

BibleStudy.org Web Site Statistics

(January 1 to June 30, 2009)


Total Number of Visitors:                   1,865,230 for daily average of 10,305 visitors.

Total No. Web pages viewed:            4,078,562 for daily average of 22,533 pages viewed.

Increase in visitors compared

      to same period in 2008:                 443,099 or 31%

Increase in web pages viewed com-

     pared to same period in 2008:       704,582 or 21%

No. of Email Questions Handled:      785

No. of Email Questions Handled

     since service started Oct. 2002:    8,357

Busiest Day in Site History:               April 6, 2009 (14,742 actual visitors)

Busiest Month in Site History:          April 2009 (346,742 actual visitors, 718,847 Web pages viewed)

Average Time Visitor Spent on Site: 5 minutes

God has increased BibleStudy.org's ability to reach the world with the Gospel every year since its inception. God willing, 2009 will be the 14th consecutive year BibleStudy.org will experience increases in BOTH number of visitors and number of Bible Study materials accessed.

For the first half of 2009 BibleStudy.org drew 1,865,230 visitors or an average of 10,305 a day and served more than 4 million Web pages. This denotes an exceptional increase in site traffic of 31% above the same period in 2008. Visitors now average a record five (5) minutes accessing the site's quality Bible study materials.

Alan projects the site will attract 3.8+ million visitors this year and will exceed last year's visitor total sometime during 2009's Feast of Tabernacles.

Donations to defray costs of effectively reaching the world with the gospel can be made by credit card at https://dxdc2.secureserving.net/~barnabas/order.php or by check to: Barnabas Ministries, PO Box 3393, Farmington Hills, MI. 48333, USA.      



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